How to write an informative essay with a complete Sample

What is an informative essay?

An informative essay is a professional writing aimed at educating the audience on a certain phenomenon or topic. It provides readers with information about a particular topic they had little or no knowledge about. This means that the author should have extensive knowledge of the topic in order to provide comprehensive information. One of the key aspects of informative writing that differentiates it from other academic papers like persuasive essays is that the author should purpose to provide information about a topic without giving their own opinions. This involves providing facts and descriptions from reliable sources.

Informative essay outline


Like other academic writings, an informative essay should start with a topic that captures the attention of the audience. You can start with a controversial statement or a question related to the topic. For example, if you are writing about how mRNA vaccines work, you could start with a sentence like,” How mRNA vaccines saved the people from COVID-19, a ravaging pandemic around the world.” The statement will draw the reader’s interest in the subjects and arouse the need to learn more about how mRNA vaccines work.  Start your essay with a description of the topic in general terms. Provide background information of the subject such as why it is important. Identify the main points of focus for your essay in the introduction paragraph.


A thesis statement is a statement that closes the introduction section of the paper by describing its scope or purpose. It provides a summary of the key points you intend to cover in your informative essay. Therefore, it should be precise and appealing to draw the attention of your readers to the body section of the paper.


The body contains all the ideas and facts about the topic in detailed descriptions. It consists of paragraphs representing different ideas with comprehensive explanations. The body can also be broken down into subtitles representing different ideas. For example, in the example of how mRNA works, your body could contain titles like “what are mRNA vaccines”, “How are they different from other vaccines”, “how they work”, “what are their benefits”. The ideas and facts should be organized in a logical manner to establish a flow. As an informative essay, it should only contain factual statements backed by evidence from reliable or expert judgments with relevant resources like statistics. It is important to understand that your writing should maintain the essay writing flow. Therefore, there should be a smooth transition from one point to another with transition phrases and words like similarly, however, in addition, nevertheless, to conclude, and likewise among others.


This is the section where you assess whether your body matches the thesis statement, failure to which, necessary changes are made to ensure that there is a match. It provides a recap of points and ideas presented in the body. The conclusion also contains the author’s final thoughts on the topic. Generate an overall concluding statement describing the importance of your ideas and how they can be applied.

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Tips for writing an informative essay

Here are tips to guide you in writing an informative essay:

Choose narrow topics

In the event that the instructor does not provide a topic, the student can pick a topic of their interest. It is important to ensure that the topic is narrow to discuss conclusively. Broad topics such as politics, environment, governance can be difficult to manage because they require extensive research and a lot of time to cover. Instead, it is advisable to focus on narrow topics like “causes of global warming” “politics of population control.” Focusing on narrow topics also allows the writer to provide new and accurate information that inspires the reader to explore further.  This is because providing general information that is already known to the reader can make the paper boring hence disinterest.

Conduct Research

An informative essay as mentioned earlier is about giving information about a subject. This means that it requires deep knowledge of the subject. This is why conducting research on the topic is vital for writing a great informative essay. One of the places to look for relevant information is the written literature by experts on the topic. These can be academic publications or journals by reputable authors. Another important source of information is laboratory experiments to obtain proof for your arguments. This is particularly synonymous in scientific research or when giving information about the safety and efficacy of drugs or food.

Identify and brainstorm ideas

Come up with sound objectives and goals for your writing. Then generate ideas to support your goals. The best way to generate ideas is to brainstorm by yourself by identifying different ideas, define different perspectives of the subject and expound on existing ideas. Remember that your objective is to provide as detailed and accurate information about the topic as possible. This requires exploring different perspectives from different authors and how they are similar or different from one another.

Organize the ideas

Having identified different ideas through brainstorming, now organize them from most to least relevant. This will help you identify where to start and what to exclude from your essay writing. Remember that your writing should meet a certain threshold in terms of length which can be determined by the author or the instructor. Create a mind map of ideas arranged according to their level of relevance and select the ones most relevant to your topic.

Go through the instructions again

For students, your writing should be within certain requirements as stipulated by the instructor. This includes the writing style, size, and topic. Reviewing the instructions before starting your writing will ensure that the ideas selected accurately represent the topic.


An outline acts as a map to your paper. It directs the reader or author where to go thus establishing a flow for your writing. It consists of the introduction, thesis statements, the key points, and supporting evidence. Without an outline, you are likely to mix ideas which can cost you a great deal in terms of organization. Many instructors consider the organization of your ideas an important aspect of effective essay writing. The ability to organize your thoughts in a logical manner also demonstrates your authority over the topic which can also contribute to your grading.

Proofread and edit

Proofreading your work is key to ensuring that you comply with the essay writing requirements of your lecturer. It ensures that you maintain the appropriate size, font style, and length as required by the instructor. You should edit your paper to ensure that it is free of grammar or punctuation errors. Editing also helps ensure that your writing remains within the topic.

Informative essay topics

Here are some ideas to help you choose the best topic for your essay:

  1. Effect of internet on teenagers
  2. The dynamics of friendship in children
  3. Relationship of children and parents in the modern world
  4. Effects of global warming in the third-world countries
  5. Leadership skills
  6. Wearable technology in healthcare
  7. Application of virtual reality in education
  8. Impacts of robotics and children education
  9. Impact of surveillance in classrooms
  10. Impact of covid-19 in the tourism sector
  11. Use of technology to control the spread of covid-19
  12. Application of technology for covid-19 vaccine tracking
  13. Impact of geopolitics in global security

Sample of an informative essay

Here is a sample of an informative essay on the topic of “Depression” to give you an idea of the structure and flow. Click the link below to download the sample.

Informative Essay Sample                                        


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